Friday, February 10, 2012


What a beautiful reminder of our mission here on earth. To abdandon our eartthly possesions and material desires and be consumed with God's amazing, crazy, beautiful love!!

I can't say that this easy to do.  In fact it's not, it is so incredibly hard! As a society we thrive on "things created". Bigger houses, nicer cars, designer purses and fancy clothes.  We feel entitled to have the best of the best, the latest and greatest.  We are always seeking an upgrade, more money, a easier and more efficient way to obtain more things and the fact is that we have it all wrong

But I am faithful that we can change the selfish was we view and use the world and find the crazy, beautiful simplicity that God has laid before us.

My prayer is that we all "May we be consumed with the Creator of all things, rather than the things created."  I can't think of a more beautiful quote to be inspired by.  To live fully with a grateful heart, to abandon our earthly desires an submerse ourselves in the simplicity of God's love.  Not the attachments in our life, the material possessions, but He Himself.  His love along can fill us up like nothing else.


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