Monday, January 23, 2012

Yoga. What is it and who is it for? Part 2

So, have you been thinking about starting your Yoga practice or getting back on the mat if it has been a while? If you missed part one you can check it out here.

Let me take the next step to encourage you.

Yoga...What is it and who is it for? Part 2.

Let's say you are ready to commit to trying a Yoga class, here is some more information to answer those burning questions....."What do I bring?" "What to wear?" "What can I expect"  "How do I get over the fear of making a fool out of myself?"  Let me help you.

Wondering what to bring?

Bring an open heart and an open mind.  If you have a mat you can bring that too but the studio will probably have one for you since it is your first time.   You also might want to bring a small hand towel and a bottle of water.  

Wondering what to wear?

Wear something that you are comfortable moving in.  Try to stay away from baggy t-shirts and long loose pants as they will be distracting and in the way.  I know easier said than done.  But I promise you that people will not be looking at you, they have their own insecurities and their own selves to worry about.  I promise that the more you practice the more comfortable you will become in your skin.

Wondering what to expect?

Depending on the type of Yoga class that you are taking your experience will vary slightly.  More than likely if you are taking a beginner Hatha class or Vinyasa class you will take class in a comfortable room, with an average temperature, surrounded by wonderful people.

When you arrive, you will fill out a basic waiver and get settled for class.  More than likely they will get you familiar with the space, where to put your shoes, personal belongings, bathrooms etc.  If you have a question, just ask.  Yogi's are very helpful and nice;)

When you place yourself in the room, find out which is the front and which is the back.  Every teacher usually places their mats a bit different based on personal preference.  I suggest that you go somewhere in the middle.  That way you have people around you on all sides.  Scary I know, but it will make sense once you start practicing how helpful it will be to have people on all sides of you that can be good examples of the postures and yoga etiquette.  

Once you have settled in your spot, breathe.  You are about to do something wonderful for your self.

Keep your mind open to new experiences.  Try your best to start the negative internal dialogue before you even get on your mat.  Let go of the thoughts "This is going to be so hard.  I am not going to be good at this. What am I doing?!"

More than likely you are nervous as most people are that have never tried yoga or are practicing a new style/new studio.  Just take a deep breathe and relax.  You are about to bring your body and mind some much needed peace, trust me.

How do I get over the fear of making a fool out of myself?

Everyone worries about what other people think of them.  It is human nature.  Just remember that you are there for YOU.  I promise that most people are so consumed with their own thoughts and fear, they aren't watching or judging you.  It is all in our heads.  Try to calm the negativity and fear and replace them with LOVE.

Still anxious?  Bring a friend or loved one with you, nothing like the buddy system to keep you accountable for going and to make you feel more comfortable.

I hope this helps.  Check back soon for Part 3 in which I will be breaking down some of the postures and obstacles that you may be experiencing in your Yoga journey.  As always, let me know if you have any questions.  I am here to help YOU. :)


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