Sunday, January 29, 2012

Yummy desserts served in a jar. Must try this.......

Take a look in our pantry and almost everything is stored in Ball jars.  You might say that I have a slight obsession with things being neat, organized, and contained in an orderly fashion.  I like to think of it as a way to be resourceful. ;)

Ball Jars are so versatile,  just look at Pinterst.  You can find hundreds of uses, even make lanterns and planters out of them (must try!).  I have been known to transport yogurt parfaits, smoothies and soups in Ball jars, but this weekend I tired something different.  We had company over Saturday night and I set out to make two different desserts using those cute, adorable little jars.

For this project I chose these jars.

I picked up these cute odd shaped ball jars at HEB.  I usually keep our pantry staples in the regular ball jars, but these fun shaped ones just screamed fun dessert! :)

The two desserts I made were a Vegan Apple Streusel Cake and a Berry Cheesecake for the boy and the other lovers of dairy.  They both were a great success.

Look here for the Vegan Apple Streusel Cake recipe.  It would be perfect to pack and take on a picnic.  So easy to transport in those cute little jars and so yummy too!

I got the idea for the Berry Cheesecake in a jar from this website.  There are some very cute and clever ideas on there.  Be ready to be inspired.  Think salads, cakes, cupcakes and little mini pies, the possibilities are endless.

So, all in all this was a great success.  The company loved them, they are rally just too cute and such a nice change to change it up a bit.  There will definitely be more of these in the future.

Enjoy nourishing your body!



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    1. Thanks Nat! I have so much I want to do with it, hopefully it is just the beginning.

      Let me know if you have any requests or want to see something specific:)