Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Garden, herbs and buckets galore!

Spring has sprung!  This weekend Clayton and I did a little project to kick off spring.  We hung these cute little buckets on our fence and planted herbs and added some color too.  It was super easy and costs about $15 for the buckets and hanging hooks.  And now we get to enjoy these beauties right outside our kitchen window!

Want some cute little hanging buckets?  
Here is what you need:

Small buckets (I bought mine at Ikea for $1 each)
"L" shaped hanging screws (.50 cents each at Lowes)
Power drill with a drill bit that can work with metal

Here is what you do:

Drill holes in the bottom of your bucket.

Drill one hole close to the top

Screw the "L" shaped hanging screw (or hooks if you like) into the fence post and hang buckets from them.

Fill the buckets with your favorite herbs for cooking and tea or perhaps some flowers.

Hang your buckets and enjoy!

Happy growing :)

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