Thursday, April 12, 2012

Conclusions of the $10 challenge

I did it! $10 spending limit for 1 week.  
It wasn't easy, but I did it!

The last time we talked I shared with you the temptation of dinner out at our favorite pizza place.  With the help of Clayton, I was able to work through the "want" and find a healthy alternative that would keep me in budget and not break the challenge.  And I am so glad he did, he is so good to me!

The challenge actually got easier as the week went on.  I had less desire to spend and more desire to be resourceful and to work through my "wants" and replace them with praises for all the blessings that I already have.  Let's be real, I don't "need" a thing.  God is so good!

So you are probably wondering if I spent all the money or more?  I am happy to share with you that I stayed within the $10 limit and spent just about that much by the time the week winded down.  During the week I only bought 2 Grande coffee's at Starbucks ($2.11 each) and then on Sunday I spent $4 on enjoying an adult beverage with a friend ;)  

Not going to lie, I had my challenges.  But I spent my week reflecting on the beautiful blessings in my life, the things I take for granted, the resources that God has provided for me but I didn't seem to fully appreciate.  All in all it made for a wonderful challenge and I will most definitely do it again.  Maybe next time it will be a $5 budget. ;)


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